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Some of our most popular coffins:Bamboo Eco Round

A panda-friendly bamboo coffin – made in China

Cardboard coffin - Lily white with rope handles
White cardboard coffin with rope handles.  This cardboard coffin comes in many colours, please enquire.


Some individual coffins decorated by families and friends with flowers, paintings, pictures, collage and momentoes.  Personalising a coffin can bring a great deal of satisfaction to the family and friends and helps with the grieving process by making the funeral a celebration of a life well-lived.

A curved-end willow coffin in a traditional setting

A ‘white’ willow curved-end coffin, decorated with sunflowers

End of coffin decorated by the family

We encourage families to get involved in decorating coffins.  Families say that being involved gives them a feeling of empowerment and helps them in the grieving process.

Wooden coffin, painted and decorated with montage of diving photographs

Cardboard coffin with rope handles, hand painted by family

Wooden painted coffin, with collage and initial A

Wooden coffin, painted and decorated with musical motifs for French horn player

Piano keyboard and musical notation on French horn player’s coffin

Cardboard coffin lid, adorned with personal momentos

I decorated this cream painted coffin for my mother.  She had used it in her bedroom as a seat with cushions on and for storage as there was very little in her flat.  She was a very stylish woman who loved ostentation so I painted gold lilies all around  – and she had to have gold handles (something we don’t always use) and gold ribbon amongst the cream lilies and roses. Unfortunately, she died over a bank holiday and we had her Requiem Mass on one day and then had to take her back into cold storage and await her grave to be dug on another, hence the rather droopy appearance of her lovely flowers.  The white bear was one she loved, a Christmas present , which when pressed would sing “Winter Wonderland”!  She wouldn’t have wanted anything less than a celebration.

In Ghana people get buried in a coffin which denotes their trade or standing in society.  This Mercedes Benz would have been made for a businessman!