There are many different ways a funeral can be arranged to reflect the life of the person who has died and we can help you to manifest your ideas within legal parameters.  You can have a consultation with us in our premises in Upper Maudlin Street, or we can visit you in your own home.

We  provide:

* a consultation with the family and advice

* traditional funerals – cremation or burial

* environmentally-friendly coffins

* religious and non-religious ceremonies

* lawn, meadow & woodland burials

* low cost options to suit all budgets

* pre-planned funerals

When your wife or husband, partner, or friend dies at home the first thing to do is to call your doctor who will certify the death.

The doctor, or the hospital Patient Affairs Office if the death occurs in hospital, will issue you with a Medical Certificate stating the cause of death.  This will enable you to register the death at your local Registrars.  This can be Corn Street, Southmead or Frenchay Hospital.

If the coroner is involved, the certificate will not be available until after the post-mortem and registration may be delayed.

You will need to decide between a burial or a cremation as each requires a different paperwork route. If a cremation is desired you should tell the doctor, or Patient Affairs at the hospital, so that medical cremation papers can be organised.  If you are not aware of the person’s wishes, consult the executor as there may be instructions in the deceased’s will as to burial or cremation.

You will then have to contact us, particularly if the deceased is at home, in a hospice or Nursing Home where there may not be any mortuary facilities.

Crematoria can sometimes feel intimidating, impersonal and rushed, so we recommend a double slot to give yourself time to celebrate the life of the deceased.

We can organise traditional ‘lawn’ burials, but we do encourage burial in a more natural setting. We are fortunate in Bristol to have this option at the reasonably priced South Bristol Cemetery on Bedminster Down and at Westerleigh, in the north. There is a beautiful meadow burial site at Usk Castle Chase in South Wales – see Resources for details.

We have a choice of environmentally friendly coffins to suit all budgets, some of which can be decorated with photos, paintings and flowers. Using an ecologically manufactured coffin like cardboard can be seen as ‘cheap’ and uncaring, but many people find that care for the environment rates high on their list of priorities when planning a funeral.

The main part of the funeral is the service or celebration and we are happy to guide the family and friends through the process of holding the ceremony themselves.  Alternatively we can put you in touch with a minister or celebrant appropriate to the religious or secular leanings of the deceased whether it be a humanist, buddhist, pagan or christian celebration you desire.

Our funerals are bespoke and costs reflect your personal choices.  We offer a budget funeral including a basic coffin plus the disbursements which are the fees to be paid to the crematorium, fees for the two doctors who certify your death and the fee for the celebrant.

Families say that being involved in the funeral such as decorating the coffin, bearing the coffin & helping to fill in the grave at a burial, gives them a feeling of empowerment and helps them in the grieving process.

Some people  like to get more hands on and we are happy to accept your own coffin, floral tributes and for you to provide your own celebrant – a family member or a friend.

We also offer Golden Leaves Green Pre-paid Funeral Plans to give you the chance to plan ahead and take away the worry for your family at the time of death.

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